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Paranormal Investigation: Norwood, Massachusetts - 2008

  • Site Type: Private Residence
  • Location: Norwood, Massachusetts
  • Date: March 16, 2008
  • Client Status: Anonymous

Case Report

(March 16, 2008), The ISIS Paranormal Investigations team had an opportunity to conduct a paranormal investigation in Norwood, Massachusetts. We were contacted by a male, who will here in be known as Michael to protect his identity. Michael contacted us with concerns about the paranormal activity and the strange noises he and his family were hearing in their Norwood home, as well as other peculiar, unexplained, paranormal events that were affecting both his family and his marriage. The family reported a number of paranormal claims including the fact that they could hear people walking around and moving about in the upstairs attic when there was no one in the attic at the time. In addition, one witness to the paranormal activity in the home claimed to hear a harmonica being played in the kitchen when there was no one in the kitchen; and Michael’s wife Amanda saw an apparition of a man in the home: the man looked to be Caucasian, he was in the shadows and dressed all in black. Michael complained of, among other paranormal claims, experiencing negative thoughts – thoughts he believed were not necessarily his own, and he explained that when he left the home he felt normal once more.

The most concerning paranormal reports offered by the couple relate to their two year old child. The child repeatedly advised that she saw “Darth Vadar” in the hallway of the home, and she often talked about “bad people” in the house. Often times the child would say: “Oh oh mommy and daddy the bad people are coming,” or “Oh oh mommy and daddy the bad people are here.” The parents assert that they do not use terms like “the bad people,” so they are not sure where the child picked up the expression. The child’s fear had grown so intense that the child would frequently refuse to sleep in her own bed, and insisted on sleeping with the parents.

Whenever Michael used the rosary it seemed to create a stir and paranormal activity would increase; on one occasion, Michael was putting his daughter to bed and decided to recite the rosary to keep her calm. He began to speak the rosary aloud when the child told him to stop: “You’re making the people mad.” Michael questioned the child: “What people?” The child again referred to the “bad people” and told him that “we have to leave, it’s not safe.”

Norwood, Massachusetts Apparition


Amanda believes that the child may have psychic abilities and reports that the child has been “particularly empathetic since birth.” Amanda advised our team that there have been occasions where people have stopped her in public while shopping or running errands, and have advised her that the child is special. She has been advised that the child was a “crystal child.” The child has not yet been officially tested for psychic abilities and was not present during our investigation.

The couple report another paranormal event that proved particularly bothersome to the family; when the entire family was a sleep in the master bedroom, along with the household pet, a cat, the family all woke up at the same time and stared at the same location. The child and the cat were frightened, and the parents explained that they felt immense fear, trepidation, and evil. The couple could not explain why they all woke up at once, nor could they explain the source of the feelings they were experiencing.

After a full investigation, we interviewed Michael and Amanda. The interview revealed that Michael had conducted some considerable research pertaining to the location; he advised our team that the home had upwards of ten owners, and that it was built in the 1800s. Now an apartment building, many of the apartments do not keep tenants for very long. Nothing in Michael's research led to any distinct indication that there were past traumatic events at the location or other reports pertaining to paranormal claims.

Michael and Amanda notified the property owner about their experiences and the property owner brought in clergy to bless the house. The house received a full blessing by a Greek Orthodox minister, but with little success. Additional measures were also taken to put a stop to the activity in question. Other priests have been contacted in regard to this case, but the client reports that they failed to respond or to return the phone calls made. Further, the family smudged the home, again with little success. Michael’s negative thoughts began to include issues with suicidal ideation, particularly in the form of hanging. Upon leaving the home, the thoughts would cease.

Amanda’s mother has had experiences in the home as well. In August and September of 2007 Amanda’s mother advised her that she was very concerned about her husband Michael – who seemed to be absorbing the personality of whatever, was haunting the family and that he was not himself at all. As mentioned earlier, a witness had claimed to hear the harmonica playing in the kitchen of the home. Several months later when someone asked Michael what he wanted for Christmas two weeks before the holiday, for reasons he was none too sure of, he requested a harmonica.

Amanda reported that whenever she goes to put the child to bed, the moving around in the attic can be heard now:

“Michael has a weight room upstairs…I can hear the weights moving. At first I thought it was Michael actually lifting weights and I wondered why he would be lifting weights at 9 o’clock at night. When I finally got our daughter to bed, I would get up, close the bedroom door, and find Michael had been sitting across the hallway the whole time.”

In a separate incident, Michael entered the living room to say the rosary; his wife was in the bedroom putting their child to bed. His wife came out of the bedroom and questioned Michael about what he was doing upstairs in the attic. Michael had never entered that attic at that time. Upset because the noise that she had heard in the attic disturbed her greatly, Amanda went outside of the house to get away for a few minutes. Michael went into lay down and he too began to hear the noise emanating from the attic.

“It sounded like there were a half a dozen people upstairs: bouncing around, moving around. I started to pray the rosary and at first it became more intense, but as I progressed, the sounds were moving further toward the back of the house until it was quiet. But, when I went outside to Amanda to check on her, the wind was whipping around wildly…sticks breaking, leaves flying…”

Michael’s mother complained about the sensations she had in the house. She had reported hearing footsteps in the house, and she began feeling nauseous and had heart palpitations. In addition, Michael reported an incident where his wife Amanda had left the home for a weekend and Michael’s uncle came over for a visit. Michael’s uncle said immediately upon entering the location: “Something’s not right about this place.” After his uncle had left, Michael reflected on what his uncle had said. He was in the computer room doing some research on the location. He began to feel a bit disoriented, confused, and sidetracked. The cat was in the room and quickly ran out. Then Michael heard something above his head, a noise he describes as “snobbing.” Michael felt as if there was something out in the hallway: he turned to look and he thought he saw something quickly in his peripheral vision. Michael was smoking a cigarette at the time the event occurred. He blew the smoke in the direction of the hallway and Michael reports that the smoke was “disturbed” by something not visible. For the rest of the evening, Michael had the sensation of being watched by something unseen.

Michael reports having frightening dreams and disturbed sleep while staying in the location. When Michael wakes up in the morning, he feels fatigued no matter how much sleep he has gotten the evening prior. Amanda reports difficulty keeping her thoughts in order, and she feels that she is slipping at work. She also reports having feelings that are not her own and bouts of depression, which she did not have prior moving to the location.

Michael has heard his named called when no one in the house had called him. At first, believing it was his wife Amanda, Michael responded and found that no one had called out his name. Rapping, banging, and unexplained scratching noises have also been reported. The clients also report getting unexplained phone calls that consist of nothing but static. On occasion, Amanda also reports feeling like she is being pushed from behind by an unseen force – this is similar to an experience that two investigators had while in the attic of the location. The clients also report seeing unexplained shadows and shadows out of the corner of their eye on occasion.

The couple reports an increase in marital difficulties since moving to the home. Established routines are repeatedly broken because neither Michael nor Amanda can focus or concentrate well on mundane tasks. Amanda had gone to a card reader and was advised that there was a “white and black spirit battling it out at the location in question.” She was further advised by the card reader who has no affiliation with our team, that “there is a vortex in the house, that the black spirit died in the home and the white spirit is protecting the child.”

Michael reports being strangely inspired by the events; one day he started jotting down notes and within about fifteen minutes, he said that he had written a song with lyrics about a lost soul wanting to get out of the location. As he reflected on the incident, he wondered if his inspiration was drawn from the spirit world and not just basic creativity.

The household pet has seemingly been affected by the unexplained events at the location. Sometimes the cat shows fear of something undetected and other times the male cat meows as if it is a female cat in heat or it is in pain.

A title search has been conducted on the property and Michael reveals that there were two owners that have refinanced several times. From, early 1930 to the late 1930s, the home was owned by yet another owner. When the home became a dwelling that was suitable for more than one family, the downstairs apartment records indicated difficulty keeping anyone in the location for long term periods.

Recent renovations have been made to the location. The couple attempted to paint the apartment before they moved in. When they returned the following day, the paint was unexplainably peeling off the walls, despite the fact that the walls were washed twice and primed before painting. The client has no knowledge of any traumatic events having previously occurred at the site.

The clients have never conducted a séance at the location, and they have not used an Ouija Board on site. They have not conducted any amateur ghost hunting efforts. Meanwhile, Michael has been advised that he has the ability of precognition: he sometimes knows things before they are going to happen. Neither Michael nor his wife has ever been officially tested for psychic abilities.

The couple has mixed religious affiliations; Michael has Roman Catholic affiliations while his wife Amanda assumes a mixed religious outlook. Amanda’s view on life after death is that one is set free from the binds of the physical at death. She believes that when someone dies they can return and communicate with loved ones if they desire. Meanwhile, Michael firmly believes in the existence of heaven and that one’s actions in this lifetime determines where a soul ultimately winds up – in some instances, Michael believes, that souls sometimes reincarnate so that they can learn the necessary lessons they need to learn.

Michael has experienced memory loss and unexplained loss sense of time for short periods. Michael reported having a car accident a couple of weeks prior to our arrival where he wound up parked on top of someone’s fence. The client has no recollection of how the accident occurred: he only recalls an experience he likens to a white out. Michael claims to have lost the ability to see or hear anything during the unexplained event and he lost all feeling when the event occurred. When he came to, his foot was still gunning the gas and he removed his foot from the pedal. When he got out of the car to assess the damage, the vehicle was positioned between two fence posts and fence pieces where everywhere.

Michael and Amanda lived at the location in question for just under a year: a total of seven months. Amanda has begun to sink into a depression and is losing interest in the things she formerly enjoyed doing. The couple has noted an increase in arguments since moving into the location and also report instances of unexplained aggression. Upon our arrival to investigate, Michael, Amanda and their young child were packing to move out of the location, certain that they could not make a life or be happy there.


At one time a part of Dedham, Norwood is a town that was established as a town in 1872 (“Norwood”). Situated about thirteen miles southwest of Boston, the town is fixed along the Neponset River, thereby positioning the town along a large body of water (“Norwood, Massachusetts”). Norwood has been known as “the mother of towns,” and was formerly used by Native Americans as a hunting ground (“Norwood”). The town of Norwood was first inhabited by Ezra Morse in the late 1670s (“Norwood”). In Massachusetts: A Guide to Its Places and People, Fredric W. Cook explains that the area of Massachusetts now understood as Norwood was originally purchased from the Native American Chicataubot around the year 1630 (426).

Case Stats

Moon: In Cancer – 68 percent waxing

Moon not void of course

Solar X Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Unsettled

Weather: Party cloudy and breezy Low 24F High 38F


As mentioned above, Michael reported that he had an experience when reciting the rosary in the home. While saying the rosary, Michael’s daughter advised him that he was angering “the bad people,” in the home and that the house was “no longer safe.” We captured an evp during the interview at the point where Michael is discussing the rosary incident. The evp is of a male voice, Class A, that states: “Night and day we watch.” We also could a second evp during the investigation process which states: “Get out while it’s safe.” The evps captured support the reports offered by the client. In all there were a total of 19 EVPs that were captured at the location, ranging from Class A to B respectively.

Photographic Evidence:

Our team took numerous photos of the location and out of all of the photos orbs were discounted because of all the insulation in the attic area. We did however capture an interesting image in the attic of the location where the client reports hearing things moving around on their own when no one was in the attic. At the time the photo was taken, an investigator thought she saw movement in the location and believing it was an investigator, called out to the investigator in question, only to find that the investigator was actually behind her, not in front of her. The investigator reports seeing a fleeting image, one that looked like a dark shadowy female with long hair. The image captured one that appears to be the partial apparition of a female.

Video Evidence:

Due to camera failure, no video evidence was captured during this investigation.

EMF Detection

10:54 am – Location/Attic

Audible EMF disturbance detected with equipment that convents EMF to audible sound waves. Pendulum was used following the detection: pendulum pulled away from a spare room in the attic. This is very near the location where the photograph of a partial apparition is captured.

Temperature Fluctuations

10:35 am - One temperature fluctuation was detected in the attic location. The temperature dropped from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 42 degrees Fahrenheit.


Upon our arrival, our team decided to investigate the attic of the location first. When we got in the attic there were hoards of dead flies at two windows in the location, but nothing present that would suggest that it would draw flies in the first place.

Several investigators felt the heavy oppressiveness of the attic location upon entering the attic.

During the interview, at 1:15 pm, the radio came on by itself in the kitchen. All of the investigators and the clients were present when the event occurred. The song sounded like an old country song, but it currently remains unidentifiable.

In the attic, nearing the window toward the front end of the location, at least two investigators experienced vertigo and the sudden sense that they should fear drawing too close to the window area. This is the same area where numerous dead flies were later discovered.

Clairsentient Justyn Staley

10:32 am - Investigator Justyn Staley, team Clairsentient, reports that he felt a sharp pain in his hip just before entering the location.

10:56 am: Justyn Staley reports having difficulty breathing in the attic area. This correlates to other notes documented by investigators in the team that had similar experiences in the same area. Again, this is where the flies were located when found and Justyn used dowsing rods in the area, which immediately separated into two different directions.

12:35 pm – Justyn enters the Master bedroom. He senses that something unseen watches the clients as they sleep. This correlates with what the clients reveal in the interview later that afternoon – the sensation that they are watched. It also correlates with our EVP capture, “night and day we watch.”

Psychic Sketch Artist, Brian Evans

At 10:40 am, our psychic sketch artist Brian Evans drew a profile of a female spirit he sensed while in the kitchen of the location. He describes the picture as “a shadow like figure he had seen coming down the stairs of a younger woman.” The image looks remarkably similar to the photographic capture of a female apparition while at the location.

12:05 pm - Brian produces another picture of a similar looking female – she is younger and this time she is sensed in the living room area.

Issues with Equipment:

Myriad unexplainable problems with equipment occurred while at the location. Repeated camera failures and mechanical breakdowns continuously interrupted our attempt to investigate. When it came time to analyze evidence, the same difficulties continued; it took nearly four attempts to remove pictures from a digital camera. Interestingly, it is the only camera that had a photographic capture on it.

Conclusions: Location Haunted

Since Michael had several experiences where his behavior was out of sorts and to his own admission, clearly not his own, and he started to take on interests that were seemingly connected and rooted to the events in question, we believe it is possible he was displaying early signs of an attempted possession or an instance of transient possession. Upon our arrival, Michael was acting normally and he and family were in the middle of moving from the location. The family has since moved from the location. We have advised the clients to immerse themselves in their faith and to notify us if the issues continue. At that time, we will advise the client of the next steps to take if activity continues.

Additional Evidence:

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