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Book Review

Title: "Michigan's Haunted Nightlife"

RATING: 5 Scarab

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Author: Nicole Bray and Robert Dushane

Reviewer: Dayna Winters

Pages: 160

Publisher: Schiffer Books

Michiganís Haunted Nightlife (ISBN Ė 978-0-7643-3320-0) is a 160 page paperback work co-authored by Nicole Bray and Robert Dushane. This book is actually book two in the Paranormal Michigan Book Series, but it is a work that can certainly be read as a standalone work. Michiganís Haunted Nightlife covers more than fifty-five paranormal stories, all based on locations in the Michigan area where visitors and residents of Michigan have enjoy the nightlife in Michigan along with some possible paranormal experiences. The work was released by Schiffer Publishing in July of 2009.

The book examines popular haunted destinations and covers places all over Michigan including eateries, bars and pubs, supernatural theatres, clubs, and a short section on other, interesting paranormal occurrences. Haunted hotspots discussed in the book include the Trattotria Stella, a restaurant currently located inside an old asylum, as well as places like the Detroitís Symphony Orchestra Hall, and places like the Regent Theater. Additional hauntings and paranormal events are reported in the work involving places like the Kirby Grill, the Dee Lite Restaurant and Bar, The Whitney, Cadieux Cafe, Bowers Inn, McDonalds, Samís Joint Restaurant, the Historic White House Inn and others. One of the more surprising stories explores the reported paranormal activity that surrounds the Purple Rose theatre in Michigan owned by actor Jeff Daniels.

As the founder of the West Michigan Ghost Hunters Society, Nicole Bray has had plenty of paranormal experiences, some stemming from her very early childhood. Likewise, Robert DuShane had paranormal experiences growing up and he is the founder of WPARanormal and WPARanormal Radio which was established in 2003. Both Robert and Nicole have not only written Haunted Michiganís Nightlife, but they have also written The Haunted History of Kalamazoo, and Paranormal Lansing.

Haunted Michiganís Nightlife is great for the beginning paranormal investigator or paranormal enthusiast seeking out top hauntings in the Michigan area. The book contains information about the different types of hauntings and how they differ including information on intelligent haunts, residual haunts, conjured hauntings, poltergeist activity, and portal haunts. The authors also briefly cover theories pertaining to why some spirits linger and there is a terse glossary in the back of the text offering details on some of the most commonly used paranormal terminology. They even go as far as to explaining the importance of gaining permission before investigating a site and the potential dangerous associated with the use of Ouija boards.

An exclusive interview with Nicole and Robert reveals that the paranormal investigating duo have future projects coming up including another paranormal book on hauntings in Kalamazoo, Michigan. To hear the entire episode, feel free to tune into our paranormal radio show archives at ISIS Paranormal Radio. You can even download the episode to iTunes or your personal computer if you desire.

Article written by: Dayna Winters

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