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Book Review

Title: "Tails" of the Afterlife: True Stories of Ghost Pets

RATING: 5 Scarab

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Author: Peggy Schmidt

Reviewer: Dayna Winters

Pages: 160

Publisher: Schiffer Books

Do ghost pets visit you from the other side? "Tails" of the Afterlife: True Stories of Ghost Pets" (ISBN-13: 978-076433253), by Peggy Schmidt, examines the notion of ghost pets and their ability to return to their owners after death. This work is a 160 page non-fiction paperback released by Schiffer Books in May of 2009. This work reveals stories about pet owners and their deceased pets, and the ways in which animals continue to communicate with pet owners after they have passed on.

Schmidt is the co-owner of Ghost Tours of Phoenixville. The latter company was created with the collaborative efforts of Schmidt and Andrea Martnishn: two friends that have a serious enthusiasm for the paranormal. Schmidt writes about her experiences while giving ghost tours, her own visitations and psychic experiences with animals, and she shares true stories and encounters of others with similar experiences. Schmidt’s book explores the notion that animals can see spirits, that animals often protect their owners even after death, and that they frequently communicate with owners after death to let them know that they are fine.

Peggy writes in an incredibly lucid fashion, sometimes sharing the stories in her own voice and sometimes simply conveying the stories as they are shared with her by other pet owners and animal lovers from around the world. Schmidt talks about the embarrassment that some people have when it comes to sharing ghost pet stories and experiences, the deep psychic connection that pet owners have with their animals, the real, intense, and true affection that pet owners have for their animals, and she reveals how animals communicate with their owners. The work also explores how pet owners can overcome the grief of an animal’s passing, how animal communicators can assist pet owners in connecting with animals both while they are alive and when they have passed on, and some of the common events that occur when an animal makes contact from the other side.

Schmidt also explores the concept of old soul animals, animal reincarnation, the lessons that animals are here to teach people, and the potential existence of an “animal underground railroad.” The book even has tales of dolphins and the information on the legend of the white doe. In a personal interview with Peggy Schmidt on "ISIS Paranormal Radio", she revealed that she plans to write more works like this book, and it is unquestionably work that readers, pet owners, and animal lovers can look forward to in the future.

This book is beyond extraordinary and is a wonderful selection for every pet owner or for those that love good, deep, heartwarming stories. The formatting of this text is absolutely wonderful with every glossy page rich with colorful images of pets from around the world. Images are also presented in a watermark-like fashion as the text is set over animal images of all kinds. The images do not make the text at all difficult to read and they serve to bring the text to life in full, vibrant colors. The glossy pages and colorful layout set this book apart from other books and help to make the text an entertaining read.

Whether you believe in the possibility of ghosts or not, if you have a profound love for animals, this book is definitely worth reading. You will find tale after tale about animals and their possible survival after death: some of them joyous and some of them tear-jerking. Once you pick the book up you will literally find it impossible to put it down and it can be read in one sitting with ease.

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Article written by: Dayna Winters

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