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Paranormal Investigation: Albany County, New York - 2008

  • Site Type: Private Residence
  • Location: Albany County, New York
  • Date: May 25, 2008
  • Client Status: Anonymous

Case Report

On May 25, 2008, the ISIS Paranormal Investigations team investigated reports of paranormal activity at a location in Albany County, New York. Due to the desire for the client to remain anonymous, we have altered the client’s identity for the purpose of sharing this report. The client is a female which will herein be identified as Michelle. The exact location of the site will not be shared so that we can protect the identity of the client, and all names associated with this case have been changed to protect the identities of those involved in the case.

Michelle had been living at the location in question alone for a period of three years in a small apartment on the bottom floor. The primary complaints that the client presented to the ISIS Paranormal Investigation team include the feeling of sudden cold spots and “cold fronts,” spreading through the living room without explanation; the sensation of something touching her hand while she was working in the computer room; unexplained issues with her computer that cannot be explained away rationally or with issues related to technological problems. Myriad, unexplained problems with the business would arise; problems far beyond what one might expect to encounter when operating a business. When Michelle sought the assistance of other professionals in the industry, the problems could not be explained by mundane causes. The client asserts that the paranormal activity was having an effect on her ability to conduct business, to make money, and to live a happy, fruitful, and productive life as well.

Albany County Psychic Sketch

The most troublesome reports involved the client feeling like she was frequently being touched by something she could not see. On one occasion, she felt something touch the back of her arm while she was standing in the kitchen of her home, and on a separate occasion, while relaxing in the living room, Michelle reports feeling something unseen touch her leg. She describes the sensation as if something was brushing past her. Occasionally, she would also feel a breeze, a draft, or “a wind” blow across her forehead when there is no source for a draft or a mundane explanation for the sensation. Finally, Michelle reported sometimes seeing movement out of the corner of her eye.

Michelle explained to our team that the home has had at least two property owners prior. The house has been previously blessed, via a self blessing. The client contacted clergy and after she had contacted clergy and made them aware of the ongoing, strange events that were occurring at the Albany County home, she decided to bless the home herself. The client self-blessed the home by cleansing the house and using sage in an attempt to get rid of the unwanted activity in question. When the client blessed the house, she conducted a ritual provided to her by another church member. No prior groups have been involved with the case or have conducted investigations at the location.

The home was recently renovated. The home, formerly operating on a single electrical box, was parted out and separated into four different electrical boxes by an electrician. Cabinetry has been replaced, the sink has been replaced, all electrical outlets have recently been rewired, and the location has been freshly painted in some rooms. When Michelle was questioned about traumatic events occurring at the location, she mentioned the fact that a convicted murderer had formerly lived at the location. In order to protect the identity of the client, we are not at liberty to discuss the details of the crime.

The client reports having extreme difficulty with electronics of every kind; the Internet phone that the client owns was checked out by the service providers, a total of seven times, to service the phone. The phone would continually shut off and hang up on people, particularly Michelle’s clients. Michelle told our team that whenever she made attempts to generate an income, the issues with activity would start up and the electronics she relied on would fail her. Meanwhile, Michelle also reports that when her daughter attempted to call her on her cell phone, she cannot make the call go through. In fact, Michelle states that her daughter only encountered difficulty when trying to contact her. Michelle’s daughter always got a busy signal when attempting to call her mother, even when Michelle’s phone number is not in use. Michelle decided to put the issue to the test; she had her daughter call her cell phone right in front of her; again the number came up busy when the phone was not in use.

The client reports having nightmares at the location; one dream that has vividly remained with the client pertained to something crawling up her bed: something with pointy teeth attacking her. The client admits that she has been dealing with heavy stress in the recent months and that the issues with her business have made it increasingly difficult. She also reports having some sleep issues which are relatively minor.

The client reports the feeling of being watched while in the basement of the location. The feeling only occurs during evening hours; during daylight hours Michelle feels comfortable entering the basement area. Michelle’s religious affiliation is “non-denominational,” and she was formerly Presbyterian. Michelle has practiced rituals in the past, including house blessings with the use of sage. She currently believes that when people pass on, that most people go where they are destined to go and that “some people, for whatever reason, get stuck and they get attached.”

The client has an interest in the paranormal and the supernatural. Occasionally, she watches paranormal television shows, and she formerly used to read books on the paranormal and psychic abilities. She has never been personally involved in ghost hunting or paranormal investigation. She has formerly used an Ouija Board when she was younger, but does not allow the use of the Ouija Board in her present home.

Case Stats:

Moon phase: Waning moon gibbous, 76 % full

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geomagnetic Field: Quiet

The client reports having psychic abilities; Michelle reports having successfully predicted several deaths in the past, having experiences with astral projection, having clairaudient experiences, olfactory experiences, and success with psychometry; Michelle use to hold onto a person’s ring, a photo, or a license to see what she could sense from the items.


No photographic captures are associated with this case.


Several EVPs were captured at the location, ranging from Class A to C. One voice, of a male response proves interesting when all of the people at the location during the investigation were females.


No significant EMF readings found with cell sensor equipment.


No relevant video has been captured at the location.

Temperature Fluctuations:

8:15 am: a temperature spike is documented in the living room. Base reading was 64 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature spiked to 68 degrees.

8:20 am: A temperature spike occurs again. Temperature rises from 61.8 F to 64 F.

Psychic Experiences: Psychic Artist, Angela Kauffman

7:36 a.m. Angela senses the presence of an aggressive spirit in the living room of the location. Her notes explain that she felt and sensed the question, “Who said you could be here?”

7:45 a.m. Angela notes getting chills in the living room of the location, the same location where the client reports experiencing “cold fronts” and cold spots. Angela’s notes are documented before the client interview so that Angela did not know of the client’s experiences prior to her documentation.

Angela sketches an image of a horse and carriage near a barn. She notes near the sketch that “this [is this] location [in] a different time period.” Interestingly, when researching the history of the location, on the same block where the home is located, there was a blacksmith shop in the early 1920’s. Horse and carriages serviced the area until the early 1970’s.

8:01 am: Angela felt like she was being followed around the location. She turned to see if the client was walking directly behind her, only to find that she wasn’t. She saw something move, just out of the corner of her eye, but nothing directly. The feeling of being watched soon followed. This incident is remarkable and proves to correspond with the complaints posed by the client.

Several investigators noted difficulty breathing in certain areas of the home and of an extraordinary oppressive feeling in the location as well.

Pendulum Readings:

7:45 am: indication of electromagnetic disturbance in the living room: pendulum spins deosil (clockwise).

7:50 am. While in the living room, a pendulum reading indicated possible electromagnetic disturbance, spinning deosil.

8:17 am: pendulum begins to spin widdershins in the living room.

Conclusions: Location Haunted.

Our team decided that a clearing was needed to alleviate the location of negativity. After conducting the cleansing, no further activity has since been reported to us. We will make an effort to keep in touch with the client to monitor the situation and to determine if further action is necessary and/or warranted.

Additional Evidence:

  • No photos are associated with this case. However, you can view the psychic sketch work posted on this page.
  • View our EVP Gallery for Electronic Voice Phenomena captures associated with this case.

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