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Acoustica audio editing software is now available in premium and version 4.1. This audio editing software provides the end user with reverse speech analysis, reverb, flanger, chorus, echo, click reduction, spectrograph analysis, noise analysis and noise reduction, pitch, time shift, and more. Free download options and trial versions of this superlative EVP software are available. Acoustica software allows for the end user to record and playback files through Windows compatible audio devices, and the application offers a customizable user experience. This application has drag and drop editing features, real time analyzers, Fourier spectrogram, wavelet plots, track splitting capabilities, time stretching features, dithering and noise shaping, crackle filtering, noise reduction based on spectral subtraction, and more.

Acoustica allows the end user to both read and create files in ogg, wav, wma, mp3, and au formats as well. Acoustica is an award winning application and works within any computer that has the right sound card and a Windows based operating system. Acoustica Premium is currently priced at $120.00, while the standard version is comfortably priced at $40.00.

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Adobe Audition 1.5

Many paranormal investigators rely on Adobe Audition to analyze electronic voice phenomena. This software is one of the more expensive programs used for EVP analysis on the market and is priced right around $350.00. The application assures the end user access to more than fifty different effects, and tutorials are available online for the application’s use. Free downloadable trial editions are also available. This application works well when integrated within a Windows based operating system, provided the system is a Windows XP or Vista edition. The program is available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Audacity is used by many paranormal investigators and is a free open source audio software application. Features permit the user to record from microphone, line input, or other sources; record up to 16 channels at once (requires multi-channel hardware); level meters can monitor volume levels before, during, and after recording; import and export files; and perform spectrogram analysis. This application, unlike many others is perfect for those individuals with Mac OS X operating systems as well as those with Microsoft® Windows applications, and GNU/Linux OS. The most recent edition of this audio editing software is a beta version, 1.3.5, however the installer must note that this application is absent of any documentation, translations, and it is a program intended for advanced audio users at this time. If seeking a more stable application, it is best to download Audacity 1.2.6 which has complete documentation that accompanies the application. The latter application is suitable for EVP analysis, but some investigators prefer sound editing programs with more capabilities and better sound quality output.

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EVPmaker is a uniquely designed and engineered software application that permits the end user to generate "raw material"; such material, in theory, is used by spirits to speak via electronic voice phenomena. A recorded voice is broken down into segments and then rearranged, resulting in white noise production, suitable for EVP recordings and EVP sessions. The EVPMaker program is free to download and use. The program comes with a complete guide for using the software application and it is a simplistic freeware application. Now available in the updated 2.1 version.

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Goldwave is an audio editing software application with a number of useful features. Goldwave Incorporated, a Canadian owned corporation, has been designing sound editing software since the year 1993. Goldwave is excellent for EVP analysis, as it allows the user to edit audio files with ease. Users can record from cassette tapes and digital recorders and the application allows for time stretched playback; echo, reverse, flanger and more. Goldwave is an application with a multiple document Interface, a large file editing capacity, real time visuals, spectrograms, spectrums, and an extraordinary array of sound editing features including Doppler, distortion, echo, filter, mechanize, offset, pan, volume shaping, invert, time warp, pitch, reverb, volume matcher and channel mixer. This application supports myriad sound files including wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, FLAC, raw binary data, text data and more.

The Goldwave application offers the end user a customizable experience, and an easy to navigate interface. A single license for this application is currently priced at $45.00 and the software can be downloaded from the Internet site where it is offered. This application is currently available in version 5. Minimum system requirements include the fact that the user must have a Windows 2000, ME, XP, or Vista operating system. As of this date, the application is not supported by other versions of Windows and the program is not usable with Mac/OSX computers. End users should have a 700 MHz processor, 256MB RAM, 200 MB of available hard drive space, an accelerated video card, and a sound drive that is compatible with DirectX.

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Soundsoap 2 and Soundsoap Pro

Soundsoap 2 and Soundsoap Pro, created by BIAS Incorporated, is an audio editing program that allows the user to clean up noisy sound files. Bias is an acronym for “Berkley Integrated Audio Software” and the company incorporated in the late 1990s. The program allows the user to minimize tape hiss, clicks and crackles, buzzing, rumble, and most other types of unwanted noise. Cost for this application is currently $129.00. This application is ideal for Mac OSX and Windows XP and Vista users. This application has been simplified so that the end user merely turns two different knobs to reduce ambient noise. The Soundsoap Pro Version supplies users with advance audio editing and repairing technologies. Soundsoap Pro is currently priced at $599.00 and supplies advanced audio editors with an assortment of technological features.

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