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Joining a Ghost Hunting Group

Since the inception of ISIS Paranormal Investigations, our group has received numerous requests from individuals looking to join a paranormal or ghost hunting group. In turn, we encourage individuals interested in the serious study of the paranormal and will often refer people to ghost hunting groups in their area that may be accepting applications for new members. Since the requests we receive are so many, we decided to offer an article that provides tips on how to successfully appeal to a paranormal or ghost hunting group that may be accepting member applications.

If you are an individual that is interested in joining a ghost hunting group, you will want to seek out groups that are within your local area. Ghost hunting groups sometimes get requests to conduct an investigation with little or short notice, and the team may have to call upon your services quickly. If you do not live within a close proximity to where the ghost hunting group normally gathers, it can cause difficulties for the team or you may find that you miss out on some really fantastic investigations due to time constraints or transportation limitations. Therefore, it is always best to apply to groups where you can get to group meetings and investigations with relative ease.

If you are under the age of eighteen, you may find it quite difficult to be accepted by a ghost hunting group when it comes to membership. There are many dangers involved in serious ghost hunting endeavors and while the prospect of ghost hunting is extraordinarily enticing to many teens, most groups frown upon the acceptance of members that are not eighteen years of age or older. That does not mean that there are not opportunities for teens to study the paranormal – there are some groups that have junior investigator duties that can be taken up by teens interested in the paranormal field of study. Later, when the teen becomes of age, they can become full-fledged members of the ghost hunting team they begin working with as a junior investigator.

Some groups have closed memberships – ISIS Paranormal Investigations of New York is such a group. Our membership is closed to the general public and only opens to members specifically selected by the Cofounders of the group. When a group has closed membership, it is not a reflection on the individual applications that the group receives, but a matter of personal preference on behalf of those that organize the ghost hunting group. In contrast, some ghost hunting groups permit members of the public to apply for membership and the acceptance of new members is determined by the individuals in charge of the ghost hunting group. Whether membership is open or closed, it is important to respect the decisions of the ghost hunting team – if membership is closed to the public, it will be necessary to apply for membership with a different group which allows for general membership applications.

When it comes time to apply for a ghost hunting group, some teams allow potential members to apply online via an electronic submission form. You can also ask a group if they are accepting members and send a “cold” application to the team. Whether you are applying for a team that allows electronic membership application submissions, or you are simply sending an email to a team, make sure that you do so with a level of unsurpassed professionalism. Treat your ghost hunting membership application like you would a job application; make sure your spelling is precise and that you express yourself clearly. A ghost hunting team is more likely to appreciate an application that is expressed with clarity and reveals the level of seriousness the potential member has.

If you email a team, you may want to send a professional cover letter to the team and a list of your credentials, if you have any. Experience goes a long way when it comes time to choose members of a ghost hunting team. If you do not have any experience, you can, at minimum, express why you are interested in the paranormal field of study, what you think you can offer the group as a member, and what you think ghost hunting and the study of the paranormal will offer you. You may also want to include any information about any previous studies you have conducted in the field of the paranormal.

Most ghost hunting teams will require that you have your own transportation to and from meetings and investigations. You may also be required to bring your own equipment, depending on the ghost investigation team you are working with. In addition, if you are looking to make money at ghost hunting, you may want to reconsider. Many ghost hunting groups conduct free ghost hunting investigations and make no money for the process. Donations, when they occur are extremely limited. Today’s ghost hunting teams conduct investigations because they truly love what they do, not because there is money to be had in the endeavor.

In terms of ghost hunting group donations, as a member of a team, you may be required to pay group dues. The latter fact depends on the rules established by the team. Some teams require that everyone chip in for gas to go on ghost hunts, while other teams may require weekly or monthly membership dues. Dues are then used to pay for necessary equipment and transportation to investigation sites.

Ghost hunting teams only work well if all of the team members get along and are on the same page. A ghost hunting team must work like a well oiled machine if the investigation is to prove at all successful. Due to the latter fact, the team will be very selective about members and those chosen to be a member of a team. If you are chosen as a member of a ghost hunting team, you will be expected to adhere to all of the rules and regulations set forth by the team as well. You will have to follow guidelines in regard to group meetings, investigation protocol, and team interaction. You may witness team members that enter the group that leave after a short jaunt because of individual differences. In truth, no matter how enticing an application is, a team member must be able to work well with others, follow instructions, and adhere to guidelines established by the team so that everything runs smoothly.

If you are interested in ghost hunting because you are a thrill seeker, you need to reconsider. Ghost hunting is a serious practice and “adrenaline rush seekers” need to seek out there fun elsewhere. It is certainly true that ghost hunting can be exciting, but it is not a business that should be entered into lightly or without due consideration. Team members depend on other team members to remain safe, to collect evidence without tainting it, and to be an eyewitness to any incidents that may occur. If you are goofing around on a ghost hunt all in the name of fun, quality evidence may be lost or destroyed, important events may be missed due to a lack of appropriate awareness, and even worse, people may be accidentally hurt or injured.

Sometimes when an individual is looking to become a member of a ghost hunting group they find that there are no local ghost hunting groups to join. There are several options available to the individual that cannot find a ghost hunting group to join in a local area. First, if the individual is simply interested in paranormal study, they may want to volunteer to contribute to a ghost hunting team from a distance. Many ghost hunting teams often seek out fresh content for their websites and the individual may be able to conduct historical research on specific areas that are being investigated and write about them. In addition, if an individual has excellent writing skills, they may be able to produce articles for a ghost hunting group, book reviews, or other material. It never hurts to ask.

The second option an individual has is to start their own ghost hunting group. It is highly recommended that the individual put a lot of time and effort into researching what is needed to start a ghost hunting group, how ghost hunts are safely conducted, and how to successfully form a ghost hunting team before they set out on an investigation. Many individuals opt to start a ghost hunting group but the group later falls apart because the necessary research is not conducted before the group begins ghost hunting. Finally, whether you plan to start a ghost hunting team or join another established paranormal group, be ready to become a ferocious reader. The more knowledge you have about the paranormal and ghost hunting, the better team member you will ultimately be.

Article written by: Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner

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